Special Operations Clip-On Knee-Pads with Clip-Lock™ Retainers   are Easy to attach and Wear!

Follow these Directions for the Most Comfortable Wearing Kneepads You'll Ever Use.
New! How-to for your shorts


Pull apart the hook and loop fastener strap on the bottom edge first, then slide the gripper clip on the strap to clip the kneepad to your pants leg. Make sure the gripper clip opens to the outside. Do this for all four-strap points.
Unique Clips

Position pad for best protection of the knee area, then gather the pant material from side of the leg and fasten the clip. Pull the hook strap over and secure for a comfortable fit. Repeat for each side and clip point of the kneepad. You may have to adjust vertical positioning several times before you find the sweet adjustment spot for wear.


Dexter's Patened Clip-Locks™
Slide the Clip-Lock™ over the clip to increase clip security and prevent accidental opening. The Clip-Lock™ will keep the metal spring clips positively closed until you are ready to remove the pads.

The further you go around the leg to attach the clips, the tighter you can adjust them when you re-attach the hook strap back on the kneepads.  
5 Adjusting the straps allows a comfortable fit on both sides of pants. Kneepads should stay/hang in position without binding or cutting off circulation like other strap on pads.

Special Operations Clip-On Knee-Pads Feature Heavy Duty Materials

  • 1/2" Thick Neoprene Rubber Padding
  • 1" Extra Heavy Duty Clips with Coated Teeth
  • Clip-Lock™ Safety Retainers
  • Flexible Rubber Cap Stitched down to Prevent Debris Entry
  • 1" Hook & Loop Retention Straps
  • Waterproof Nylon Material

Want to wear your Special Operations Clip-On Knee-Pads with shorts?
  When wearing knee-length shorts clip the top straps just like you would wearing pants, then use a strap 1'' wide, and lets say 6'' or 8'' long depending the size of there leg. If too long, roll it up then clip the bottom clips to the strap on each side, then tighten the strap to the back of your leg using the bottom straps on the Clip-On Kneepad. 

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