June 28th, 2005

The Special Operations clip-on Knee pads that Dexter Meadows has created are the best knee pads on the market. I can make this claim from first-hand experience from my 7 months of front line action in Iraq . So you know I am not a rear echelon soldier who never leaves the wire, I am a Combat Engineer filling an Infantry role in northern Iraq . Since being deployed in June of 2003, I have tried 4 different knee pad styles and Dexter Meadow's knee pads are the best all-around knee pad I have found. The knee pads I previously used all had a strap-to-Velcro or strap-to-clip fastening mechanism. The downsides were the unwanted sweat caused from being against my leg. This uncomfortable sweating brought the unwanted accumulation of dirt and debris to sweat, along with the rashes from moist skin rubbing. To top it off, the strap knee pads kept falling down, needing constant adjustment. Dexter's Special Operations knee pads use gator-teeth clamps that affix to your pant legs, ensuring that the knee pads stay in one place. The clamps allow air to flow through preventing the sweat and unwanted debris gathering. The hottest is has been yet is 138 degrees and I have yet to have sweaty knees.

The Special Operation's clip-on knee pads are lighter than any other knee pad I have used, so it feels like I am not wearing knee pads at all. With the insane amount of necessary gear I wear outside of the wire, the lighter…the better. Because they are light weight does not mean they are less durable. Over 7 months the Special Operations clip-on knee pads have minimal cosmetic scratches and unlike some knee pads I have had the misfortune of purchasing, the stitching has held up without the need of repair. With the addition of the Clip-Locks, there is no way the gator clips will come undone (I could count the times on one hand one would come undone from rubbing against each other in the six months I had the knee pads before deciding to use the Clip Locks).

I leave the wire six of seven days, so Dexter's Special Operation's clip-on knee pads are like a Visa, I never leave home without them. In our world of uncomfort, the little things make all the difference (like knowing when I hit the ground my knee pads will be at my knees and not around my ankle). My knees are very thankful and so am I.

SSG R. Ryan Couch

116 th EN BN

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