Dexter Meadows


Kneepad Adventure

Inventor and entrepreneur Dexter Meadows was born in 1952 in Bakersfield, Ca. Riding bulls and saddle broncs from teens to twenties. You would notice Dexter by the 10 gallon black cowboy hat with a feather or by the twang of his voice. Dexter is the inventor of several useful items throughout the years including the famous Clip-On Kneepads.

In 1996, Dexter invented the Heavy Duty Clip-on Kneepads. It all started arrived home after a long days work using traditional strapping kneepads which cut off circulation if you have them too tight and if too loose then they fall to ankles. He immediately started on his newest invention. He cut off the clips of an old pair of suspenders and attached them to a set of old kneepads. Once he did some trial runs, he instantly knew that other hardworking individuals that may have to wear kneepads for long periods of time would love them. So he began the design process. Dexter wrote out everything in fine detail in cursive of course. Drafted drawings for his inventions were detailed 3D illustrations from his creative mind to hand to paper. Once the final product was created and sales were underway, but things weren’t quite done with these pads. One day a soldier said, “The inner clip sometimes will let go of the pant, do you have solution?” “Dexter said, “Well sure, ol’ buddy!” So he began to use his creative mind and then found the solution. He found an old corrugated plastic hose and cut it down into 1” pieces. He then heat up a round plastic hose piece and then smashed it so when it cools, it can become a permanent oval shape or the shape of the clip he was locking. And that is how the Clip-Lock was invented.

Continuing his legacy, his son Brandon & sons wife Crystal Meadows will carry out the business into the 2nd generation phase. We plan to continue moving forward with the Clip-On Kneepads, elbow pads and add other protection gear that Dexter has designed.